Sler is a RenderMan shader generator and a shader testing suite. Read user manual for details.


  • Python 2.4 or later.
  • GTK+ (>=2.8) with tiff support enabled.
  • LibGlade (>=2.5).
  • PyGTK.
  • RenderMan compatible renderer (Pixie or Aqsis), it must be in PATH environment variable.


Screenshot of Sler-v0.1alpha


Windows users must install following for running Sler:

GTK+-2.0 Runtime Environment
Python interface for GTK+
Python interface for GObject system, the part of GTK+.
Python interface for Cairo, a 2D vector graphics library that is used by GTK+.

And also under Windows you should run [SLER_HOME]/bin/, not just [SLER_HOME]/bin/sler.

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